At Last!

A Media Player for professionals in the entertainment industry

The BDME Disco / Radio System

A PC based media player that's comprehensive and easy to use with large screens, large buttons and a carefully thought out layout that makes DJ work easier than it's ever been before from a product designed for mobile and fixed installations alike whether they be clubs, fixed or mobile discos, local or national radio stations.

If you are a professional DJ working in clubs, mobile discos, regional or national radio stations do you really want to carry on using typical media players with barely readable displays, small buttons which are difficult to use accurately and a host of useless features that just get in the way?

Or would you rather be able to find the tracks you want easily with just 2 or 3 mouse clicks and have them playing or queued within just a few seconds?

And with the top 40 charts going back to 1952 linked to your playlist you can see at a glance how your tracks fared when they were first released and when.

You will also know how important it is to be able to easily and quickly find and play tracks without risk. This system is so easy to use you can relax and concentrate on choosing which tracks to play and entertaining your audience.

Is there really a place for drag and drop or difficult file navigation when working in front of an excited audience?

The features that set the BDME system apart from the rest

Manual Search

  • Clearly and easily see what's playing and what's in the queue
  • Easy editing of the playlist
  • Checks built in at all times to prevent cueing errors
  • Quick and easy track search
  • Tracks playing within just a couple of seconds
  • Store as many pre-arranged playlists as you want
  • Full logging option for radio stations and registered DJs

  • Who Wrote It?

    The program was written by one of the oldest and most experienced professional programmers in the UK who pioneered e-mail, word processing, internet access and computer telephony while certain well known companies were still selling childs' toys. And who also happened to be a DJ in his spare time.

    The original program was written in 1996 and has been used extensively since then, receiving enhancements as and when needed. It has been stable for over 5 years and has just come on the market so that others can enjoy using its comprehensive simplicity.

    Can I evaluate it first?

    No problem. Just click on the link below, download the current release and see for yourself how it works:

    Download An Evaluation Copy

    I want to know more!

    Of course. Professionals should expect a professional product and be sure that it meets their needs. You can download the Software Product Description and the operating instructions right now. Just click on the link below:

    Download The Documentation

    How Much Does It Cost?

    That depends on how you intend to use it. It would be unreasonable to expect a small club meeting once a month to pay the same price as a national radio station using it to broadcast to millions all day every day.

    Click on the link below to see the pricing structure:

    View The Prices

    How Do I buy it?

    That's easy. If you use PayPal you can download the full version shortly after your payment has cleared when we will e-mail you with a special download URL. Everything you need to know can be found on our order page:

    Order The Product


    Free telephone and e-mail support is provided to all customers for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. Evaluation users are welcome to ask questions or request assistance via e-mail. Please contact us if you require longer term support. Please ensure you provide us with the version number and as much detail as possible if reporting a problem. The version number can be found in the about box accessed from the system menu (top left of the screen).

    I'm not from the UK

    You can still use the system without a problem and we will help you with the charts in your country if you need them. At present we only make the UK charts available for download but are quite happy to work with people in other countries. The product is future proof in that it expects to be able to download charts from different countries as soon as they are available. Please contact us to discuss the options.

    You may also have seen the special build options. We are happy to provide a version of the product in any language for a small additional charge to cover the development costs.

    I have a couple of questions

    You're very welcome. Just send us an e-mail or phone and we'll send you a reply as soon as possible.

    Our contact details can be found here:

    BDME Music And Entertainment

    Telephone: 07818 443261 (+44 7818 443261 from outside the UK)